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Marketing Positions Available at Proline

Proline is looking for highly motivated individuals to market our services to Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Lenders, Title Companies and the community at large.  A college degree is not required but a background in marketing is necessary.  The position involves meeting with new clients and developing...

Property Surveys – Issues and Perspective

Many people wonder why a property survey is needed, issues that can arise when a new survey is obtained, and the benefits of always knowing where your property lines are located.  If you are buying, selling, refinancing, remodeling, building, or making any permanent changes to your property, it is always...

Texas Property Alert

If you are in the market for a new home or are trying to find land for sale, Texas Property Alert offers a new fast option. The old method of finding individual real estate agent websites, entering your information, and then waiting for someone to get back to you will work, but it can wear you down....

Real Estate is the Third Most Important Industry in Texas

According to the latest US Bureau of Economic Analysis, real estate is the third most important private industry in the State of Texas. The real estate industry not only affects Texas, but cuts across state boundary lines and affects the economy in other parts of the country. It helps to keep our state...

Cheap Commercial Property Deals

The ongoing recession has taken a toll on Texas markets and the bottom remains in question. A company out of Memphis Tennessee just paid 31.25 million for the new Times Square development in McKinney. The construction cost was estimated at 52 million for approximately 300 luxury apartments and 88,000...

Return of the Real Estate Market???

Since the bubble burst, the real estate market has been in constant turmoil. With foreclosures on the rise and constant speculation about the future of interest rates, we have begun to wonder if there will ever be another stable market. Recently, there has been a surge in new homes sales as people tried...

10 Mistakes that First Time Home Buyers Encounter

“A home you love, at a price you can afford” is what every home buyer desires when they start looking for their first home. Unfortunately, many people make some costly mistakes that prevent them from achieving the American Dream. Arm yourself with these helpful tips as you navigate today's challenging...

When Should You Get A Property Survey?

Surveys typically show the property limits, house, garage, and other key features of a property. This information is especially important when the home owner or a neighbor is going to build any improvements on the property. With a survey you can avoid being sued or worse for having any improvements protruding...

Is It Still a Good Idea to buy a Home?

The National Association of Realtors announced last week that existing-home sales in July had fallen to 25.5 percent from the previous year. Some might also remember the federal tax credit, which ended last summer, that could have artificially inflated home sales numbers. With that tax credit gone and...

7 Home Buying Traps

In this highly volatile market, you must be cautious when looking to purchase a home. While the market maybe depressed, there has never been a better time to buy. Many first-time home buyers are overwhelmed at all the minutiae that comes with taking on a mortgage. In her recent article, Liz Pulliam Weston,...


"I would like to thank Proline Surveying for their great service. From a quick response for a quote, to the work that they performed, my experience was extremely satisfying! One of the few surveyors that I have encountered that completed my topographic survey on time and did what they said they would...

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