What Will a Land Surveyor Do For Me?

A Professional Land Surveyor will advise you of any legal requirements necessary to perform the survey, which may not be obvious to the layman.

Q: Will the land surveyor show me if there are any discrepancies with my property line?
A: Yes, if there are any discrepancies, they will be shown on the recorded survey plat.

Q: Will the land surveyor show me what he or she has surveyed on the ground?
A: Corners of the property will generally be marked with a visible steel marker bearing the land surveyor’s state registration number

Q: Should I explain why I want to have a survey made?
A: Yes, definitely, if the surveyor knows why you want a survey he or she can recommend the kind of survey you need and how much detail should be shown on the map.

Q: Will the Surveyor draw a deed to cover the land surveyed?
A: No. Your land surveyor is best qualified to provide you with a properly written legal description of the surveyed property for deed purposes.

Q: Will a land surveyor tell me what I own?
A: He or she will interpret your ownership documents and compare them with field evidence.

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