When Should I Select a Land Surveyor?

A person generally has few occasions to consult a Land Surveyor. Since such consultation is so infrequent, the average person is not aware of the logical steps to be followed when selecting a Surveyor. To help make such selections, we have listed the answers to a few common questions.

A land survey should be made prior to any division or transfer of real property and prior to the design and/or installation of improvements and in cases of property line disputes. Remember, the services of a Surveyor NOW, will cost less in time, worry and money than the cost of moving a building or defending a lawsuit later!

Q: Who is qualified to survey my land?
A: Only registered land surveyors are permitted, by state statutes, to perform land surveys.

Q: Is it likely that the Surveyor I select will handle my survey competently?
A: Yes, Surveyors are licensed by the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying and are reviewed for adequate education and/or experience in land surveying.

Q: How can I decide which surveyor to choose?
A: Here are some questions you can ask.

  1. Are they a member of a professional association?
  2. Are they in good standing with the State Board of Registration
  3. Will they give you client references?
  4. Have they attended any recent seminars or continuing education classes?

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