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10 Homes That Sold For More Than $12 Million

The sexiest real estate list each year is the Most Expensive Homes for Sale in the U.S., but the flip side of that list is what did these homes sell for, if they indeed did sell? While multi-million dollar price tags create oohs and aahs, it's nothing more than a price tag until it's sold. For example,...

Hot New Home Trends for 2011

Houses continue to be built across Texas despite the suppressed real estate market.  But the Great Recession has changed the wants and needs of many buyers and many have come to expect different things from the home buying experience.  Gone are the days of the McMansion, today's home buyer wants an...

5 Things Your Landlord Won’t Tell You

With the latest up-tick in home foreclosures many tenants need guidance in how to deal with their landlord and tips about things your landlord won't tell you.  As Melody Thompson found out in late 2009 landlords are often less than honest in regards to whether the property you're renting has entered...

Google Offers Tools for Real Estate Professionals

Millions of people use Google each month to search for real estate information.  Google now offers a full suite of tools to help today's real estate professional bring his/her listing to market.  From looking for geographical locations, finding agents and brokers, and the latest properties on the market...


We got the surveys as promised!  I commend you on your excellent customer service.  It has been great doing business with you. BC - Fort Worth, Texas

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