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Spooky Homes For Sale

Some houses have creepy and scary pasts.  If you're a person who loves to live with ghosts and goblins then this post is just for you.  From the haunted Kimball Castle, and the House of Dark Shadows or a cozy three bedroom, two bath colonial, next to sleepy hollow cemetery, these haunted mansions are...

The Top Five Cities Where Home Prices Are Being Reduced

The market is readjusting.  All over the United States sellers are finding it difficult to sell their homes for the original asking price.  A new study by the San Francisco based found that nationwide 26% percent of homes for sale are being offered for cut-rate asking prices.  So how does...

In This Market, Selling Your Home May Require Some Assertiveness

Though the current real estate market is showing signs of recovery, conditions are still a far cry from the conditions that prevailed several years ago.  These days sellers need to be prepared to have their homes on the market for an extended period.  But there are some things that potential sellers...

Does Your Foreclosure Purchase Have A Tainted Title?

Does your foreclosure purchase have a tainted title?  Recently JPMorgan Chase, GMAC Mortgage, and Bank of America have stopped the foreclosure process on homes in 23 states, with perhaps more to follow.  Current revelations that foreclosure papers were not reviewed adequately may leave some real estate...

The Closing Process

The closing process can be confusing, but it does not need to be.  The closing process consist in all the final necessary steps to seal the deal on a home purchase.  This week we offer an insightful article that sheds light on the steps involved in closing a home; from the offer to purchase, filling...

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The purpose is to raise awareness of breast cancer and to help raise funds to promote research for its prevention and cure.  The NFL has recently made wardrobe changes to help promote awareness.  These changes include pink on the hats of officials,...

Home Refinancing Basics

With mortgage rates at historic lows, there has never been a better time to refinance your home mortgage.  Who should you refinance with?  What is a good interest rate in this market?  What should the term of your mortgage be?  Should you have a variable interest rate?  These are just a few of the...

Home Equity offers Liquidity in Golden Years

Our Golden Years are a time to enjoy life and look back with a sense of accomplishment at the impact we have made.  However, many fear that the recent economic slump may limit their options as they enter into retirement age.  Kathleen Pender addresses this issue in her latest article about Reverse...

Rich, Famous, and Fabulous Real Estate

Hollywood, New York, Miami, Dallas, the rich and famous live all around us and now you can own a celebrity residence too.  From houses that have names and fences that enclose "estates" the homes of today's mega rich come with pools, gyms, bowling alleys, theaters, and five star landscapes.  For the...

Surveying & Places of Religious Worship

Regardless of our different faiths, the buildings we worship in are symbols of the community of believers to which we belong.  This week C. Barton Crattie gives us an interesting article on how surveying can intersect nearly every area of life.  He describes an interesting personal story on the location...


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