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Million-Dollar Homes Sales Rise Nearly 20%

The rich are buying real estate.  After four years of declines, sales of million plus properties rose nearly 20% last year.  Buoyed in part by stock prices which have nearly doubled since their 2009 lows the wealthy are shopping for new homes at a feverish pace.  Getting a mortgage for these expensive...

TSPS Launches New Social Media Sites!

The Texas Society of Professional Land Surveyors has launched a new facebook page.  The new page offers photos of surveying events around the state of Texas and the latest surveying news, including upcoming surveying seminars, and legislative news.  Check out the discussion board for the latest information...

10 Major Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid

Owning a home is often identified with the American Dream.  But securing a mortgage is no easy task.  The process can be long, complex, and one of the most important financial decisions of a persons life.  Being as informed as possible before starting your mortgage search is the key to avoiding costly...

The Most Expensive Celebrity Real Estate For Sale

Celebrities have expensive tastes and perhaps no purchase exemplifies their penchant for extravagance like the homes they buy.  Many of the priciest homes include screening rooms, entertainment areas, elaborate gyms and state of the art security systems.  This week we look at the over-the-top pads...

10 Resourceful Real Estate Tips for 2011

Historically speaking housing prices stabilize within five to seven years.  By this measure the worst of the housing crisis should be behind us.  Mortgage rates remain at historic lows and real estate prices have fallen to levels where attractive bargains are easy to find.  For those interested...

Resolutions for Home Sellers in 2011

The New Year has arrived and with it come resolutions for positive change in 2011.  For those selling homes a few helpful tips can make keeping 2011 resolutions easy and profitable.  January can be a great time to list your home since many people begin searching for their new home after Christmas....

10 Homes That Sold For More Than $12 Million

The sexiest real estate list each year is the Most Expensive Homes for Sale in the U.S., but the flip side of that list is what did these homes sell for, if they indeed did sell? While multi-million dollar price tags create oohs and aahs, it's nothing more than a price tag until it's sold. For example,...

Hot New Home Trends for 2011

Houses continue to be built across Texas despite the suppressed real estate market.  But the Great Recession has changed the wants and needs of many buyers and many have come to expect different things from the home buying experience.  Gone are the days of the McMansion, today's home buyer wants an...

5 Things Your Landlord Won’t Tell You

With the latest up-tick in home foreclosures many tenants need guidance in how to deal with their landlord and tips about things your landlord won't tell you.  As Melody Thompson found out in late 2009 landlords are often less than honest in regards to whether the property you're renting has entered...

Google Offers Tools for Real Estate Professionals

Millions of people use Google each month to search for real estate information.  Google now offers a full suite of tools to help today's real estate professional bring his/her listing to market.  From looking for geographical locations, finding agents and brokers, and the latest properties on the market...


"Thank You!  Thank you!  My house is in a flood plain in Arlington Texas. I needed an Elevation Certificate for flood insurance.  I called Proline on short notice.  They came out and did the Elevation Certificate and sent me an email of the completed work within hours.  You guys are life savers!"

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